Monday, January 5, 2009

It started out as a feeling

Ugh, today has been so bad. I haven't cried in so long but i sat here in front of my computer and just broke down. Have you ever just wanted to be angry so bad but you couldn't be because everytime you saw that person you couldn't be angry, they mean too much to you for you to be angry with them?

Have you ever wanted so bad to just hit someone and kick them and hurt them until they feel as bad as you do? Have you ever?

Have you ever been angry in secret because its the only thing you can do?

Have you ever known that what someone said is a load of poop but you still believed them anyway?

God, have you ever hurt as much as I do right now?

Have you ever discovered that you don't have the emotional stregnth to deal with so much stuff at once?

I have.

It sucks, all of it.

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