Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A bunch of random crap thrown together disguised as an actual post

Random crappish topic number one: Words that make you want to barf

Don't you have those kind of words? The word that definitly makes me want to blarf: Raunchy. Listen to that Raaaaaauuuunnnccchhhy. It makes me think of a pile of decaying dead babies with garlic and rotten eggs sprinkled on to of them. If you just puked a little in your mouth, its ok, I did too.

Sassafrass makes Dakotah want to barf (we had this discussion in homeroom...while that poor boy was eating) he said that sassafrass makes him think of old people and I guess old people make him want to puke. (he's a weird one that Dakotah)

Other words that make me want to barf:

Random crappish topic number two: The way people pronounce certain words, does that tick you off too?

Two words that I can't stand the way people pronounce them:

Radiator as Rad-ee-ayt-er

Mature as Muh-too-er

I just want to punch people in the face when they say it like that. Seriously, when David was talking about his car's rad-ee-ayt-or, I just quit listening, if i hadn't I would have surely popped because he said rad-ee-ayt-or about three times in every sentence.

Random crappish topic number three: Is Erin completely ridiculous?

The answer is yes, and I know I am. I am a very weird person. Certain words make me barf and I get ticked off when people pronounce things wrong.

Random crappish topic number four: How ridiculous are the driver's permit tests nowadays?

I know its mostly just common sense that you need to pass but some of the way they word things is just ridiculous! Its like this:

If you pull up to a red light at a four way intersection and your window is partially rolled down, the radio is set to a fourteen volume, the person next to you is singing rather obnoxiously and it is a rainy day in July, what do you do?

I selected C, crap my pants.

or its like this one:

The light doesn't not have a reddish type color and it might be green and possibly yellow...which way do you turn?


I'm a demented child, I was dropped on my head a couple times.

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