Monday, March 16, 2009

soooooooooooo glad musical is over

Reasons I'm glad its over:

I can bring my D in French up

I don't have to deal with b****y chorus moms, or one imparticular.

I don't have to put on loads of makeup

I get to sleep. THANK JESUS i get to sleep.

I can spend more time with my doggy.

Reasons I'm not glad its over:

I'll miss all those crazy times in the bandroom with Angela.

I'll miss the countless sexual references.

I'll miss my time with my musical friends, especially Ben, whom I only have one class with.

I'll miss the red mountain dew. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

I'll miss all the crazy half naked dancing that goes on in the girl's changing room.

I'll miss not having to go to fitness and weight training. (that was the best part)

I'll miss Lauren and all those moments where she proves she's a blonde.

there are more reasons i'm going to miss it instead of not missing it! WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?!?!?!?!??!?!


B.D.C said...

T_T I'll miss you too!

At least you'll always have the video of me and Alex making asses out of ourselves.

OOOOOOOOO Sweet mystery of life, at last I found thee! *Falls over*

Erin said...

haha if only there were some way for me to get that up on youtube.