Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I hate this, i hate this, you're not the one i believe in...with god as my witness! (Please read)

(I know i said there wouldn't be a third rant but i have had a bad day ALRIGHT?)
Oh my god, I am so so so so so tired. I am not having a good day. I woke up late this morning, my coverup bottle had burst over all my other make-up for musical. Then I couldn't get the box of chocolate doughnuts open and trust me on a day where i have had little sleep the night before because Chelsea texted me at 4 a.m to tell me that her sister's water broke, i will NOT be a happy camper unless I get, what were the words I used this morning, unless i get my godd*** F***ing chocolate doughnuts. I finally took the box and smacked the side of it on the table and that's how i got my doughnuts. And then I got to school and nothing bugged me for awhile until I started to do my boyfriend's hair for the muscial and Anna was standing beside me and Brendon doesn't like alot of gel in his hair so i was trying to put as little as i could and she was standing there and was repeatedly saying "Well, you need more gel." "you aren't going to get it to stay unless you put more gel in." "You need alot more gel than that." Until finally I was like "Do you want to do his hair?" and then she took the hint and left me alone and my boyfriend of course had to fuss at me like he is my mother which pissed me off more but we were in front of people so i didn't go off on him I took a deep breath and decided "whatever". I went and apologized to anna because i hadn't meant to go off on her but i was tired and i was already on a short fuse. Then I was good until I noticed mel was following Eryn around like a lost puppy and sitting in my chair beside Erin in the band room, normally I wouldn't care if she wasn't already being a b**** to me so I seriously wanted to pounce on her and beat the crap out of her but seriously guys i have got to be the saint of patience because I just walked away despite how much I wanted to punch her.

So far nothing else has irritated me (KNOCK ON WOOD) but yea, i expect something else will by the end of the day.

Thanks for having the patience to read this post

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B.D.C said...

I love rant posts...