Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Proof that I was fat.

This is from my fifteenth birthday. Oh yeah, look at that chunky mcChunkster.


B.D.C said...

You call that fat? I really need to show you an old picture of me.

Erin said...

Yes I call that fat, I weighed 150 something pounds. People in my family run on the obese side. Its just a thing that we have. My mom is fat and my dad is kinda on the chunky side. Then there is me, who was pretty fat at one point and there is my sister who weighs more than i do but that's because muscle weighs more than fat and she's like straight muscle and then there is my stick of a little brother whom I can't wait to plump up because that little chicken sh*t eats twice his weight in food and doesn't gain a pound.