Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fly, dove! Sing, sparrow! Gimme fat boy's famous arrow.

I love that song, that one, "How the other half lives" and "forget about the boy" are my favorites.

So once again, I have to say, I love people who are over dramatic, especially people who do it to just get attention.

So, here's the story, Amanda, Eryn and I were all in the chorus room and Amanda was talking about how she loves the song "Long as I'm here with you" and we got on the topic of how when Amanda was tapping her foot to the beat of the music, Mel came back and said "Would you please stop tapping? thank you." And Mel was in the room (We didn't know it, I swear) and she was like "Well, sorry but it was annoying."

So seriously this chick is a freaking freshman and she needs to realize who the Eff she is starting crap with before she picks a battle. Amanda is a senior and I am a junior. She is a freshmeat freshmen.

SO then I said that she was also the one who was rude to me backstage during nuttycracker suite. I was on stage technically and me and Amanda hadn't said a single word until i WHISPERED "When's lunch?" and Amanda answered back at a WHISPER "about noon." and then Mel leans over and "Shhh"s us really obnoxiously and even more loudly than our whispers. So I decided to defend amanda by retorting to Mel with that and she like flipped crap and said "THIS IS WHY I'M SO GLAD I'M MOVING BECAUSE EVERYONE IN THIS F***ing school hates me!" and stormed out of the room.

and Regan was like "whoooooaaaa miss dramatic, take a chill pill."

I now officially approve of Regan.

So yeah, seriously. Oh and then amanda felt bad, because amanda is such a sweetheart so she went to talk to Mel and Mel told her "I WASN'T F***ING YELLING AT YOU." and stomped away when amanda was trying to apologize.



Well, I ranted for two blogs in a row and now I feel alot better, i promise that next blog won't be a rant. Promise.

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