Thursday, March 12, 2009

My dog is having seizures

That's what i woke to this morning at one a.m. She had a really violent seizure at one a.m, i wasn't there to see it but i saw the aftermath, she had her eyes clenched tight and we were petting her and saying her name over and over again and she eventually opened her eyes but they were wild and it was really scary. And when i went to pet her she snapped at my hand, she didn't get me and i'm pretty sure it was just because of her being scared. We kept talking to her and eventually she came to and we worried but she got up and started walking and was perfectly fine other than the fact that she was panting. So my parents called the vet and he said that they would have to take her in for an emergency visit at 8 a.m. After that they told me to go back to bed but the vet had said that the seizures could be 2 or 3 hours apart or they could come in clusters and yeah.

So I went back to bed in the sense that i closed my eyes and rested but didn't actually go to sleep. I was worried about her. At five a.m, my fears were right because she had another but it was shorter and she came to right away.

Only minutes after the second seizure she had a third. It started with her mouth and moved the whole way down her body and she was crying and whining and it was horrible and scary.

I have been texting my mom, and yes i am in school and i am admitting to texting during school, all you goody two shoes out there can just shove it. I have had that dog since i was four, i named her. I love her so much. If i lost my dog, it would be just like losing my sister or my brother, that's how much of an impact she has on my family. anyway, as I was saying, i was texting my mom and she says that Jewel stopped panting and hasn't had a seizure since the one at six this morning and the animal clinic in palmyra, they are keeping her to find out what exactly is going wrong.

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B.D.C said...

My mind isn't working well enough to give proper condolences. All I can say is I'm sorry to hear about your dog, and I know how much it sucks. I really hope they find out what's wrong and that she gets better.