Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Random crap thrown together disguised as a remotely significant post

Random crappish topic #5: Things I don't like about myself

There's always something a girl doesn't like about herself, whether it be the size of her jeans or her chest, there is always something. Me, on the other hand, I like my butt and I'm okay with the size of my chest, I wouldn't mind them being a little smaller but I'm okay with the size. The things I don't like about myself are odd ones.

1. I don't like my eyes.
I've heard from half a million people that they wish they had the shade of brown I do, the deep brown, almost black color. But I've never liked them. I find green eyes really attractive on boys, as well as brown. Like Brendon's eyes, you just have to really look into them the way I do and you'd see he has gorgeous eyes.
Every girl in my stories either has blue or green eyes. I have never written about a brown eyed girl and only once have I written about a red head.

2. I hate my legs absolutely hate them

a. They're fat
b. they bruise and scratch up easily
c. my knees are always a weird color really dark pink or red, they're weird
d. they are so FREAKING PALE
3. My stomach
Hate it. Its too fat

4. Thighs
I have freaking thunder thighs what more do I have to say?

Random crappish topic #6: Things I like about myself

These are even weirder than the things I don't like.
I like:

1. My tiny hands, they are sooooooo little
2. My tiny feet, again, may I repeat, they're soooooooooo little
3. My hair, I love my red hair and how its natural
4. My face, I think its pretty even if other people don't
5. My ghetto booty, seriously, the only part of me that could be black is my butt

That's really about it.

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